Some of our papers

and an informative article about the history of mitochondrial apoptosis research

Electron micrograph of a mitochondrion.

Some papers from the Newmeyer laboratory in pdf format. At the bottom is an informative interview with our colleague Doug Green on the history of mitochondrial apoptosis research.
Heat Shock, Caspase-2 and Bid cleavage
Pharmacological manipulation of mitochondria
Function of BH3 domains
Bcl-2-family proteins permeabilize mitochondrial membranes
Bcl-2 blocks release of cytochrome c
Xenopus egg extract methods
Bcl-2-family proteins: review
Mitochondria in cell life and death
Preservation of mitochondrial structure by Bid/Bax
Doug Green's account of the history of mitochondrial research in apoptosis